Once home to the RAF, and later the US Air Force, the former airfield at Alconbury is truly vast. On high ground, under huge skies, new life is coming to the area thanks to our client Urban&Civic. Alconbury Weald will become a vibrant, active community set in a revitalised landscape. Northbank worked closely with Urban&Civic, their development partners and copywriter Mike Reed to develop the brand identity which includes a symbol based on the Alconbury ‘A’ (suggesting ‘shelter’ or a gateway), a logotype using a clean and stylishly simple font, and photography from Phil Sayer and Hufton+Crow. The idea of ‘Make|Grow’ is central to the brand as Alconbury Weald will be a place to make (a future/home), and a place to grow (a business/community).


Alconbury Weald

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